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My Story

Hello everyone... my name is Mark Sauvageau - The Healthy Hot Rodder! I am so glad your here. I hope you take the time to read my story. You will be glad you did.

So let's get started. First, ask yourself this question; Are you looking to lose weight, get fit, or earn a few extra bucks to make life easier? If so, we need to talk! 

I have been a health, fitness and personal development Success Coach since 2008, and I have worked with hundreds of customers. Personal development plays a key roll in everyone's life. For me, I try to learn as much as I can about Nutrition and ways to help others become successful in their journey. I love to cook so the nutritional side of this lifestyle tends to get my attention. But don't forget about Fitness, it plays a roll in your success as well. In fact, when I started my journey it was with the beginner program and I lost 60 pounds. Since then I have been hooked because I know these solutions work, and I have become an advocate so I can pay it forward to help others.

When it comes to nutrition, I hear people say the same thing over and over... "I eat healthy but I still struggle with my weight...". The truth is, you can overeat on healthy foods too. It's all about balance, portions, and the correct micronutrients to feed your body. If this sound like you, you should start a new journey with us. I would love to help you get past that hurdle. Please remember, I'm not a nutritionist and I'm not a doctor. I'm a Foodist, I'm an Advocate, and I'm a Believer in the tools and processes that have worked for me and many others, and I love to help others to get the results they want.


But wait, there's more to this story!


​I'm A Car Guy too! This pretty much says it all. I may not have a fancy shop, expensive tools, the best welding skills, all the time in the world or endless cash flow to have someone build the perfect ride. But what I do have is a dream and the will to get it done my way. I don't build "points cars" in my old shop. I build family memories.

If you know me or have been following me on my Facebook page, you know I have loved Classic Cars ever since I started driving one at the age of 16.... and yes I still have that car! So now I am bringing all of my passions together in one exciting place. How GREAT is that!


​Sometimes people don't understand why I decided to become a BODI Partner Success Coach. Well, it's pretty simple, not only do I love to help others, but I have a strong "WHY" as well. Not only does being a Success Coach keep me motivated to keep myself and my family the healthiest we can be, but it also allows me to build a residual income at the same time. Simply put, I want the Freedom and Ability to Enjoy Life with my Family! Being a BODi Partner Success Coach gives me that opportunity and the ability to help others do the same.

In fact, my wife used to have a hard time understanding why I do this as well. Then one night we were out for dinner and one of my clients happened to be there. When she came up to me, she gave me a hug and started crying because this was the first time in years that she was able to start losing weight and she just wanted to thank me for all of the support. When she walked away my wife turned to me and said: "Now I understand why you do what you do". That was the best feeling in the world.

There are a lot of people out there that are wanting to change not only their health but also their finances, but just don't know where to start. They need someone to give them the support they need, but most importantly, Beleive in them. That's why I do what I do. I want everyone to have the opportunity to Change Their Stars. In fact, I believe anyone can change their stars if they don't like the situation that they are in. All it takes is the right mindset to believe in yourself to make it happen, motivation, hard work, a strong "why" and support along the way. Stars don’t just change overnight, but with the right guidance, hard work and a love for learning, your star will shine as bright as you want it to!

Myself and my team of BODi Partner Success Coaches can help you achieve your goals using a combination of proven home fitness programs, easy-to-follow meal plans and nutrition advice, financial incentives, personal development tools and a support system like no other. As a BODi Partner Success Coach, I know that changing your health and your life is not only possible, but it can be fun, simple, and rewarding. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3. Be the best you can be - Help others be the best they can be - Repeat!

There is a lot of room in the Universe for more stars. Are you ready to change yours and become one of them? Are you ready to help others change their stars? Now is the time!

I would love to have you join me so Let's Do This. Now is the time to Pick the path below that's right for you (I highly recommend both!). Talk to you soon!

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